Monday, April 5, 2010

Simple Carrot-Celery Juice

Last week, I was craving some fresh vegetable juice.  So I got in the cupboard and pulled out the old "Champion".  Even though, technically, this heavy duty juicer belongs to my parents, I'm the only one who ever uses it.  And even I don't use it as often as I should.  But I do love the machine!  After all these years it still appears to work like a champ!  

This recipe is super simple, yet deceptively refreshing!  I like it very much!  I hope you do too!

Oh, and if you have any awesome ideas of what to do with the leftover veggie pulp instead of simply discarding it, I'm all ears!  Mayhaps this generally cast away fiber can find a second life with just a little creative thinking.  Let me know!

Simple Carrot-Celery Juice
Makes approx. 2 cups

Organic Ingredients:
5 large carrots
5 celery ribs
1 lemon, halved

Rinse veggies well and trim away old/wilted ends if needed.  Save aside one attractive celery stalk as well as the lemon halves.  Run the carrots and the rest of the celery through the juicer.  Maximize your quantity of juice by running the damp pulp by-product through the machine at least once.  If you like, strain the top layer of foam off your juice by pouring it through a fine mesh strainer.  Pour into a favorite glass.  Now grab that half a lemon and add a generous squeeze to your juice.  Garnish with the remaining lovely celery rib!  Enjoy!


Keri - I Eat Trees said...

Yum, I "need" a juicer someday! :)

bitt of raw said...

yum!!! great picture.

Vegan Epicurean said...


I use the leftover pulp in either raw flax crackers, cookies or veggie burgers depending on the contents. This one screams cookies to me. There are recipes on my blog for this.


Vegan Valerie said...

Hi Alicia!

I don't know if I can use the pulp in flax crackers seeing as I don't have a dehydrator yet. But the cookies and veggie burgers ideas can go into effect immediately! You just add the pulp to a recipe mix? Or do you sub the pulp for, say, the oil content? I should check out your blog for these answers, just like you suggested.

This is great! I SO appreciate you taking a moment to leave me this comment! I'm excited to utilize this new information!

Love you! :)

Vegan Epicurean said...


I just stir it into the recipes. The juicer does a great job of chewing it up. Glad you like the ideas.


Vegan Valerie said...


You like my carrot juice photo?! Awww... that's so sweet! Wow, I don't even think it's my best work. Although, I did my best to stage it in an appealing manner. Perhaps I pulled-it-off, so to speak?! Either way, I do so appreciate your kind words! :)

Vegan Valerie said...


You've been leaving me comments all over my blog lately! Thank you! You have such a cool, tricked-out website--mine just can't compare. So then when you come by to visit I feel like royalty is in town! I know that sounds a little silly, but... Seriously! :)

And I do hope you obtain a juicer someday soon. We all "need" one, especially us vegans! :D