Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Brandi's Chik'n Enchiladas

My friend, Miss Brandi, better know as Vivacious Vegan, posted a delectable recipe to her blog a few months back, and I've been threatening to try it for weeks now!  Well, it finally happened...I recreated her creation! Chik'n Enchiladas!  All the equivalents and instructions are found on her website.

Let me tell you--it was vegan deliciousness!  My pictures may not have turned out as beautiful as Vivacious', but I'm almost certain that the meal itself was probably just a tasty!  The Daiya cheese was melty!  The Morningstar Chik'n Strips were oh-so satisfying!  The Ortega green chili sauce was mild and spicy, all at the same time!  We topped our servings with dollops of Tofutti sour cream!  Yumm!   

As you can see, I was exceedingly pleased with the results of these Chik'n Enchiladas and so was my cute husband, Jordan.  He said it was his new favorite food, and that's really saying something--Wow!  The only unfavorable aspect of the recipe was the final price tag.  Certain organic and vegan specialty items really add up fast.  We won't be able to afford this casserole every week, but once in a while, this recipe is really going to hit the spot!  

Thank you, Brandi!  We absolutely loved it!  :)