Saturday, April 3, 2010

General Conference Pancakes!

Today is the first half of The 180th L.D.S. World General Conference Broadcast!  Woo-Hoo!  I love Conference weekend... figuratively sitting at the foot of my prophet leaders, listening to their words of wisdom, warning, and counsel.  It is a fond time of great spiritual feasting!  And add to it the Easter holiday tomorrow as well?!  It's almost more joy than I can handle!  It feels good to truly make Christ the center of my celebrations this Saturday and Sunday.

So what do flapjacks have to do with Jesus?  Well, nothing really.  But I always find it a fun tradition to partake of pancakes when Conference comes around.  So I fell back on my favorite breakfast standby in How It All Vegan! by Tanya Barnard and Sarah Kramer: "Classic Pancakes" on page 44.  My Jordan and I have adapted the recipe slightly to our liking, nicknaming it "Padawan Pancakes".  But mostly, we stay close to the original.  This time I did use a little quinoa flour, also some almond milk instead of soy milk; unusual changes.  But the end result still tasted delicious!  I generously coated them with Earth Balance Spread and Pure Maple Syrup.  Yumm!

Well, I'm off to enjoy me some more televised Conference!  The weekend's talks are broken into four two-hour sessions and the second session is about to start.  Sadly, it feels like the entire program is nearly half over and really, it's only just begun.  But I always have the next broadcast in October to look forward to.  Rest assured, I won't wait until then to feast on another round of pancakes!  :)

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Vegan Valerie said...

You know, every time I read this post I think, "I've got to tell the real story." I was only trying to be positive... I thought that maybe if I didn't mention the frustrating moments than, magically, they never really happened. But alas, I still remember them. So I'll make this quick addendum and clear my conscience... :)

I don't usually have any trouble when I make pancakes--not with this recipe or any other. But this particular day, I couldn't seem get it right! My pancakes "sticked" to my non-stick pan like glue! Oh, I was so upset! I should have just laughed it off, but I couldn't muster a smile at the time.

The six photographed pancakes are the ONLY pretty ones of the bunch. The rest... well, I couldn't get them off the griddle! My only guess of why is that I used whole grain, unrefined flours to make them. I didn't use any white baking flour. Perhaps this left them a little heavy in consistency.

But whatever!

Those that successfully came off the pan were a delight to eat. But I was not a delight to be around after my pancake fiasco! I was mad! I just wanted to make some pancakes, for crying out loud! :)

I guess I should just stick to being My Jordan's pancake padawan and let him make the flapjacks from now on! :) What a deal!

And I made my original post sound so cheery, and put up a such a pleasant photo, you wouldn't even have known what a time I was really having! Fortunately, most of the cooking I attempt doesn't give me so much trouble...

For which I am eternally grateful! I don't think I could take it! :D