Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wagon Wheels!

As a child, I remember many of Mom's dinners sporting a side of wagon wheels.  No, not the kind you find on the Oregon Trail, :)  but simply, carrots, chopped into thin little rounds and steamed on the stove top or served up raw.  It's a surprisingly simple dish!  And its fun, distracting title makes it easier to sneak a serving or two of veggies into any kid's meal. 

When I was young, I recall that if the carrots were not cooked, Mom provided ranch dip to daub them in.  But if they were, she always dressed my warmed "wheels" with butter, salt, and pepper, to taste--a very delicious memory!  Nowadays, as a vegan pioneer in my family, I eat a little differently than I used to.  You'll probably find me using organic flaxseed oil, dill weed, and Bragg's Liquid Aminos on my steamed roots instead.  And I no longer require dips and sauces to enjoy a crunchy raw veggie, although I'm not averse to the idea. :

But most importantly, I am grateful for my mom and her strong maternal effort to feed quality food to her growing children in any creative way she could.  What a good Mommy!  :)  She told me that her mother prepared this carrot recipe for her when she was small.  Later, as a mom herself, she served it to me.  And maybe someday, I'll do the same, and carry on this tradition with my own little ones.  I don't see why not! 

Enjoy your Wagon Wheels, everybody!

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