Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rediscovering Greens

For whatever reason, I haven't been eating my greens lately.  
And I've been feeling a little down about it... 

So, when I saw Annie's Naturals Organic Goddess Dressing on sale at my local Super Target, well, I bought up a few bottles!  I already love the taste of this creamy, tangy, salad topper.  And if it helps me get back into the wholesome groove of enjoying a veggie-centered diet again, I welcome it!   

Annie's Goddess Dressing is mostly vegetable oil, so it isn't a fat-free food by any stretch.  Specifically, it packs 120 calories into a 2 tablespoons serving.  But it is vegan.  And in moderation, it is a delicious treat-- a tasty addition to any vegetable meal.  Which is exactly what I need right now-- anything that get's me excited about a salad again.  

So, here's to rediscovering greens, and here's to Annie's Goddess Dressing!  Yummy!  I hope you try it sometime.  :)

I am wondering, though... 

How do you spice up your salads and veggies? 

If you have any favorite products, tips, or ideas, oh please share!  I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on the matter!  :)